April 2016

The key to winning an argument against a woman is simple. Men have to accept the fact that we’re naturally handicapped by our need to make logical sense.

Because women don’t use logic in arguments.

Instead, they employ an arsenal of shouting and eye-bulging to beat you into submission. They even rehearse that shit in front of the mirror. The next time you argue against a woman, just fuck off. You can’t win.

Bodog Live Dealer Dimples laughs when we present her our theory. And not because she agrees. She half-jokingly tells us men should just agree to everything women say and do.

If men did agree with what women told us, we’d be watching musicals and reading Cosmo. While men try to make sense of things and women like to shout, Dimples understands both sides of the story.

She was on her university’s debate team, after all.

Dimples isn’t afraid to spank you in a friendly discussion on subjects like politics and economics. We know the limits of our two-year community college education. So we smoothly transitioned the conversation to the weather.

Dimples might seem like a girl who doesn’t have fun because of all the boring stuff she knows. But a revealing bikini can do so much to change people’s perception of you.

There’s no arguing with that.


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