April 2016

One of the cures for attention deficit disorder (ADD) is to drive around in a Ford Focus, according to highly qualified and non-med school mechanics. Having a person with ADD drive you around in a car other than a Ford Focus is dangerous.

But some of that fear disappears when the person with ADD driving is Bodog Live Dealer Gladys. Just make sure your seatbelt is fastened and pray that a shiny red sports car doesn’t drive by to distract her.

Gladys is used to juggling multiple things at a time. We’re not sure if she gets anything done with this strategy. Getting her to keep still on a jet ski was a challenge in itself.

Every time she got up on the jet ski, she wanted to do a million other things like jump into the water, swim amongst the fishes, and other random things like fly a kite. Since it was difficult for her to keep still, we had her ride around the jet ski a couple rounds to settle her down.

We also spiked her piña colada with pills of Ritalin and elephant tranquilizer.

Gladys knows that locking in on a single activity will help her with her ADD. That’s why she loves working the felt at the Bodog Live Dealer Casino. The anticipation of witnessing a player win a jackpot is enough to keep her attention focused.

Hey, it’s a better remedy than what mechanics recommend.


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