Eye Captain

March 2016

Guys appreciate girls who talk a lot since we hate talking and would rather listen. Of course, for us the term listen means nodding every 10 seconds and saying “uh huh” to everything a girl says. But we do pick our spots with keywords naturally programmed into our brains. Words like, bikini, lingerie, fitting room, always get our full attention.

But listening becomes a challenge when faced with Live Dealer Ella.

She chooses not to say much – no, the cat didn’t get her tongue – because she prefers action, which fits since she’s into extreme action water sports like wakeboarding and diving with great whites.
The silence between us definitely made for awkward moments where she would either just laugh or roll her eyes at us. Maybe it’s because of the charming stutter we’ve developed in high school or our dead-on Christopher Walken impression.

To make sure we didn’t bore the hell out of each other, we took out a ball of string she could chase. But of course, we were greeted with one of her patented eye rolls.

Since Ella enjoys action more than anything in the world, catch her moves at the Bodog Live Dealer Casino.


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