June 2016

Ten out of ten male optometrists concluded in a study that men find it difficult to make eye contact with women. Not because of suppressed insecurities. Or childhood issues. Hell no.

Simply because breasts don’t have eyes.

That’s why men drink so much. To gain the courage needed to make the occasional eye contact with women.

And to keep from staring at breasts for long periods of time.

Because apparently women don’t like that. We found that out the hard way. Freakin’ cops with tasers.

But for Bodog Girl Amanda she drinks for a different reason. She drinks to have too much of a fucking good time. That’s the reason why she always finds herself hungover the next morning.

In an unfamiliar bedroom.

Checking her finger for a wedding ring.

While we couldn’t stop making fun of Amanda’s tendency to party too hard and pass out just about anywhere, she’s actually a real pleasure to hang out with. And a pretty damn good poker hostess.

Even if she parties like Paris Hilton and drinks like, well…Paris Hilton.


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