November 2016

We want to hate Bodog Girl Kristen. But it’s difficult to find the reasons to. She’s not annoying. She’s far from being an eyesore. In fact, she’s so perfect that you actually start to think she’s a Disney fairy tale princess.

Kristen won Miss USA 2009 and represented the country in the Miss Universe pageant the same year. She placed 10th. Even her family is damn near perfect. Kristen’s two sisters are beauty pageant titleholders in North Carolina as well – just hideous creatures.

While we can’t even order a gordita at Taco Bell, Kristen was a Spanish major in college. So she’s just your typical hot girl with no brains. She must be a dick, right?

Wait. What? She’s even an advocate for NGO Children International.

Kristen seems too good to be true. We hope when she’s home alone and no one’s around, she’s secretly plotting to take over the world or kicking puppies.


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