July 2016

One of the most popular and used religious phrases is “Jesus Loves You.” You hear it all the time in church and at prayer services.

But hearing “Jesus Love You” while in a Columbian prison?

It probably means you’re somebody’s prison lover. You should’ve listened to your parents when you were a reckless young teen and worked a decent job like what Christiane Kroll did. She chose not to become a drug mule along Columbian borders like some of us.

Christiane makes a living in front of the camera as a model and actress. In fact, she’s slated to appear in the highly-anticipated, already critically acclaimed, Razzie Awards frontrunner American Beach House.

Christiane might not be a big-time A-lister yet, but she’s flashed the potential to eventually become one. But we don’t mind if she plays more bikini-clad characters in future movies to get there.


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