Night Swimming

January 2016

When we see a girl strip down to go swimming at night…we don’t think she’ll ever surface again. All those 3D psycho slasher and CG killer shark movies really crushed the usual skinny dipping fantasy for us.

We’re still afraid when Bodog Girl and Live Dealer Jemay starts gearing down, but for a whole different reason.

We’re afraid of actually knowing what it feels like to go door-to-door and announce to the neighbors that you’re a convicted sex offender. Even if it was just “poolside self-gratification in a public place.”

Like you’ve never done it before.

Thankfully, Jemay didn’t want to press charges because she loves to do the opposite of what she’s told. We love her even more for that because Jemay couldn’t wait to jump into the pool after it closed. And instead of making us feel awkward and creepy as she swam around in her underthings, she just started making fun of our schoolboy crush. Humor was probably the most appropriate way to relieve the tension.

Jemay knows anything can happen and it’s all the random things in life that really blow her skirt up. That’s probably why she loves shuffling and dealing cards in the Bodog Live Dealer Casino. The randomness of the draw and the chance to see players win so much money are what get Jemay out of bed and keep her coming into the office every morning.

That and the glorious scent of freshly cooked bacon.

See more of Jemay on dry land by playing your favorite casino games in the Bodog Live Dealer Casino.


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