Pool shots

March 2016

All of us had that the one crazy girlfriend who threatened to jump out the window the moment we wanted to break up. It’s almost normal for a guy to have one of those relationships.

For girls it’s different. We’ve never met a girl with crazy boyfriend story to tell.
Because once a guy realizes he has some loose screws, everyone around gon’ get shot. They’re like, “I’m crazy. Might as well shoot every innocent bystander… starting with my girlfriend.”

That’s the biggest reason why Trina stays away from relationships. She’d choose crazy nights instead of crazy men. She’d rather have nights that start with Tequila shots by the pool. The type of nights that make you look for the nearest shady law firm to do an annulment the next morning.

We’d love to be around during those nights but drunken chicks aren’t our thing. We’ll stick around for the wild and crazy part. But we don’t want to clean up after the downward spiral of slurred words and regurgitation take over.

In an effort to try and keep track of the craziness, Trina takes down notes everyday to keep tab on what she does throughout the day. She intends to become one of those journalist types who harass celebrities into interviews.

Surely, those tabloid gossip-type notes will come in handy.

She’s gonna need a good alibi when cops start asking around about her missing boyfriends.


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