Hopeful Romantic

September 2016

Guys and girls have different concepts of an “ideal” date.

The ideal date for girls involves candlelit dinner, roses, and the cheesiest Nicholas Sparks-inspired movie. While the ideal date for guys involves pizza, a beer at the nearest convenience store, and the most action-packed Bruce Willis movie.

Us? We’re not like most guys. We’re softies inside. We’re almost like girls. We want cliché’ dates as well – except we’d replace the cheesy movie with “Die Hard.”

For our date with Bodog Girl Chasty, we went all out softie. We prepared a date itinerary that would put Ryan Gosling to shame.

We planned a home-cooked candlelit dinner with red rose petals surrounding the dining table. And of course, we bought the Limited Collector’s Edition 3D Blu-ray of “The Notebook” for viewing pleasure.

Chasty came to our place a little early and helped us cook. After dinner, we were still hot and sweaty from all the cooking.

She took off her buttoned-up blazer jacket to cool down…and revealed a Nakatomi Plaza Security t-shirt inside. And as we were about to insert “The Notebook” in the Blu-ray player, she pulled out her Blu-ray copy of “Die Hard.”

Chasty isn’t like most girls. While she likes candlelit dinners and roses, she also enjoys pizza, beer, and Bruce Willis.

We really wish we had known about that earlier.

It could’ve saved us the embarrassment of buying “The Notebook” at the nearby Wangfujing department store.


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