December 2016

She took the modeling scene by storm as a fresh-faced university student after finishing runner-up in the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit. After earning her degree, she had dreams of becoming a flight attendant. But her modeling career took off and her dream had to take a backseat.

Cherry Ann owes her sexy physique to her Japanese dad and Filipina mom. Her dad is so awesome that he even owns a nightclub in Japan.

Since Cherry Ann admits that she’s extremely attracted to guys who play sports, we asked her if this included sumo players. She laughed in our faces.

Hey, it’s not our fault that sumo is the only sport that fits our body type.

Does your family own the construction equipment manufacturing business?
No! My dad owns a club in Japan.

How did your parents meet?
My dad was a tourist here in the Philippines, he met my mom, they hit it off, and they got married. They live in Japan now.

Why did you stay here? Not that we’re complaining.
I wanted to study here. But after I graduate this October I want to go to Japan.

Is there something in your school’s written guidelines that you can’t enter bikini competitions or do pictorials?
Yes. Modeling is allowed as long as it’s related to your course—like mine, which is Management.

When Bodog Girl Cherry Ann Kubota isn’t on the pitch scoring goals and taking her shirt off, she’s busy

Bodog Girl Cherry Ann Kubota isn’t scared to go for the score


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