August 2016

A fortune cookie told us; never accept failure…unless failure impresses the girl wearing a red Cheongsam dress. It’s very good advice and since we want to get lucky this Chinese New Year, we aren’t the kind to turn it down.

While good fortune can decide your fate, hard work will help push you towards success.

Just ask Bodog Girl Paulene So.

She believes hard work pays the bills and luck plays only a small part. Paulene may be a model but she’s also a savvy entrepreneur – her ventures include an Internet café and mussel farm.

Most of the time she runs her businesses as a big, bad boss lady – ordering underlings around to get her coffee and follow her every whim.

While the fortune cookie specifically told us to accept defeat for the sake of impressing Paulene, we really hate losing. We already experience losing every weekend playing Chinese checkers against our 7-year-old niece.

That didn’t stop us from trying our luck with Paulene…with a continuous stream of failed pick-up lines and corny dialogue from romantic Yang Mi 杨幂 movies.

But lucky for us, the fortune cookie was right.


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