October 2016

It’s easy to assume that Bodog Girl Jamie Miller is a tomboy. Dressed in baseball shoes, high socks, shorts and a jersey, it’s hard to argue against it. In fact, you’d think Jamie was into girls.

Not like that’s a bad thing.

She just truly enjoys everything about sports. When she’s not playing shortstop out on the field, Jamie spends her time watching sports, drinking a few cold ones, and chowing down nachos.

She’s the ideal girlfriend for all of us sports nuts out there.

We can see our ideal date now. Floor seats at the Lakers game. Scoffing down hotdogs. Shamefully getting rejected on the kiss cam.

It’s the ideal situation with the ideal girl.

After striking out with Jamie, she was still nice enough to stay with us at the game.

No. Not because she felt sorry for us.

She just really loves sports and getting free beer.


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