Tidal Wave

February 2016

The person who invented yoga is a cool cat. He’s the biggest reason why women wear yoga pants, aka the ‘look-at-my-camel-toe’ pants.

Or as men call it, the-reason-why-I-spend-$100-a-month-on yoga-classes.

While yoga pants may possibly be the greatest invention in the history of mankind, it doesn’t hurt to see Live Dealer Acia in a black bikini on the beach…while in a downward dog yoga position.

Acia likes the beach and doing yoga – stuff guys also enjoy…and unnecessarily spend money on. While the studio is the perfect place to practice yoga, Acia prefers to do her poses on sandy shores.

After demonstrating some yoga positions, which had her bent over and in other suggestive poses, she jumped in the water for a quick swim. As she splashed around, we feared that Greek God of the Sea Poseidon might steal her from us with a massive tidal wave.

So, we reached for a lifejacket just in case.

Acia admits to liking men who make her feel tiny. She tells us it doesn’t matter if the guy is fat or tall. Just as long as the dude is big, she’s going for them.

Somewhere in California, Tom Cruise can be heard crying his eyes out.


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