Tight End

March 2016

Natalie is the type of girl who shows up at a party and automatically has guys’ heads turning her way.

We’ve never seen so many wives and girlfriends simultaneously bitch slap their husbands and boyfriends upside the head before. It was quite a sight. Poor saps.

Natalie is a model and actress. She’s appeared in movies such as Ocean’s Thirteen, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Date Night.

To test how familiar she was with the movie industry, we held a backroom audition for some movie we wrote involving a black leather couch. But Natalie declined our invitation. Turns out that kinda stuff doesn’t happen in real life.

Thanks for getting our hopes up RealLifePornCastingTapes.com.

While we were rejected in our attempt to subject Natalie to an audition, the 27-year-old told us she did play a porn star in the MTV horror-comedy series Death Valley.

Now before blowing off work and rummaging through the Internet for more on Natalie, we’re warning you. Her turn as a porn star wasn’t what we expected. We’ve seen more lewd scenes in The Little Mermaid.

So, we’d like to extend our audition just in case other girls are naive enough to believe that we really have a movie script.


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