April 2016

There’s no shame in playing online video games on a Friday night in your parent’s basement. Sure you prefer liquor, ladies, and loud music but those require you to be invited to a party. Many see playing Call of Duty on Friday nights as having a sad social life.

Unless you’re a gamer chick who handles the joystick like a pro and plays in really tight short shorts.

Like Bodog Girl Milyn Sarley.

Milyn is a hardcore gamer. Although we still don’t know if she does it because she genuinely enjoys it or she got into games so more guys would come over and play with her. But it can’t be denied that Milyn shares the same love we have for geeky things like video games.

She’s in a production group called Team Unicorn, which spoofs popular music videos with geek cultural references. We admit to having a really soft spot for gamer girls, but Milyn might be a little too geeky for us.

Not that we wouldn’t hang out with in her parent’s basement playing video games.

But because we’re sure that she’d kick our ass in Call of Duty.


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